That banner pic is terrible.  But the song this week is pretty good.  I had forgotten about it completely but the second I listened to it I remembered all about it.  I am not sure if that is good or bad for a pop song.  I suppose if I had a song and someone remembered it and smiled when they heard it I would be pretty happy with myself, even if it wasn’t an all time hit or anything like that.

And I have to imagine there are plenty of people out there who have huge crushes on me.  And probably some people who just want to crush me, which is definitely not the same.  I had a few crushes in the 90s’:  Gillian Anderson, Summer Sanders, Winona Ryder, Janice from Friends (do NOT look her up now). What a great decade.  Seriously outstanding.  And I am not sure what you call a reverse crush but whatever you call it I had that for Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.  I hate them so much.  Ugh.  Have fun with the song and tell me who your crushes were.  Or are.  Unless it is me and you don’t want to admit it as it would be super awkward.  I will assume that anyone who doesn’t comment really does have a crush on me.  So…do what you want with that.