I am not sure how old John Cougar Mellencamp is.  I remember that I got in trouble once because a girl came back to school for 7th grade and she had boobs, and I asked her if she had gone away to John Cougar’s Melon Camp for the summer.  That joke was worth getting in trouble for.  But it doesn’t help me in figuring out how old he is.  He sort of looks the same in all his videos.  Like ZZ Top.  But this song was at least a little more upbeat than his usual fare.  People can’t be crying about some fool’s farm every week, Johnny.  We need to be happy!

And this song sure is happy.  John and his duet partner really sang a happy song.  I say “Duet Partner” because I hate putting in Me’Shell NdegeOcello because you all know I just copy/pasted it.  I couldn’t spell it if the grand prize for spelling it was getting to change her name to “Jane” or “Cordelia”.  🙁  Her name looks like it is something you are supposed to unscramble in order to find the next clue.

Probably why you don’t hear about her anymore.  She might be awesome but you can’t look things up by “That girl from the John Cougar song Wild Nights with the weird name”.  Or maybe now you can.  COME ON, SEO!

That girl from the John Cougar song Wild Nights with the weird name