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Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way

Sadly for Jeff Goldblum, this T-Rex from Jurassic Park (also a child of 1993) was going his way.

I hope Lenny Kravitz is as cool in real life as I assume he is.  I have so few things I can depend on.  Please don’t let me down, Lenny Kravitz.

BTW – In case you are wondering why this week’s article is so short, I think someone is trying to murder me.  I can hear someone getting closer.  I think it might


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  1. angie potter

    You must be ill, you didn’t even pimp for pics 🙁

    • sj


    • Dan Brill

      I sent some anyway.

  2. Dan Brill

    “I think it might…”

    Gets hit with ax. Has presence of mind to click “post.”

    That’s dedication. The level of customer service we’ve come to expect from The Superficial Gallery.

  3. stacy

    NO. I don’t go that way.

  4. alex

    “Embedding Disabled by Request. Watch on YouTube.”

    I think this about summarizes this post.

    *backs away carefully*


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