Madonna was 40 when Ray of Light came out in 1998.  So that means she is 55 now.  And she has just gotten more and more terrible as she ages.  I was talking about her at work today and these things came up:

  1. Nobody could believe how old she was.  Not in a mean way, but in a “damn she had been around my whole life” way.
  2. She sucks.  That was in a mean way.  Like, she is never nice as far as I can tell.  I have never heard a story where she did something nice for someone.  Like, ever.  I googled for “has madonna ever done something nice” and got this:
    Screenshot-2013-11-22-20.41Nothing!  I mean come on.  I even read her Ask Me Anything on Reddit and she wasn’t even really nice then.  She was a smart ass. Not that she isn’t smart, but she isn’t nice and that bugs me.
  3. ALL her songs are good.  That is a distinction held by only The Beatles and Michael Jackson as far as I can tell.  You might not like all her songs, but I think they are all empirically good.  I mean the ones that count.  I don’t need some Nermal crawling out of a closet complaining about the fourth song on her third album or some crap like that.  I mean her important songs.

And then I asked a question that nobody could answer right away.  And it is weird they it is hard to answer.

If you could only have one of them alive, would you pick Madonna or Michael Jackson?

EVERYONE had to stop and think.  Some people are still thinking.  Musical ability aside, how mean must you be to make people wonder if you should live instead of a kid diddler.  Who would YOU pick?

Also, as in point number three above, Ray of Light is a good song.  Weird that it was the same decade as Vogue.  It’s like two different people.  Sort of creepy.