Worst banner pic EVER.  Google sucks!

Worst banner pic EVER. Google sucks!

Only SLIGHTLY better!

Only SLIGHTLY better!

I sort of assume if I met Marylin Manson I would be really scared and not want to touch him.  I don’t want to get Devil on me, nor do I want to catch any of the weird diseases I figure he must have.  Predjudicial?  Sure, but he had it coming.  Look at this video.  He is deliberately trying to unnerve me.  And it really IS unnerving if you look at it long enough.  But it doesn’t make the song any less bad ass.  And don’t get me wrong, the song IS bad ass.  My favorite part is when they go:


But I don’t think that’s how you spell it phonetically.


Nope, that looks like a crying baby.


Someone really disappointed?

omfg how do you spell it?  It’s the best part.  I guess now I can make it my ringtone.  And if I do I will program it to only ring like that when you people call me.  It’s not like my number isn’t already on the site.  Whatevs, Internet.  Bring it.  But don’t call me and do anything weird or I will find Marilyn Manson and rub him on your face while you sleep.  Think about that for a couple minutes.  Me, standing over you while you sleep.  Somehow holding a non-squirmy, naked and super quiet Marylin Manson and rubbing part of him on your sweet sleeping face.

Looks like I can unnerve people, too!