I am pretty sure this is the 200th episode of Friday Nineties so here we go with the best song of the decade (IMO).  You can also read Corny’s recollections of the Nevermind album here.

I swear to you that this story is as true as I can verify without having been there myself.  All the people I asked about it backed it 100%.  And this is NOT a joke.

Back in Portland, Maine, there was a guy (I won’t give his name for some reason although I did Google him and…whoa) who was way older than all of us and wanted to be a 50’s greaser.  He was REALLY crazy and made a living off of social security and buying beer for teenagers.  He had a tattoo of a skeleton head with Elvis hair, he also had Elvis hair, that said “Real Wild Gone Daddy” under it.

He was in this bar in the afternoon (because why wouldn’t you be) and there were these other guys in there.  And they were the only people in the bar (other than the bartender and a waitress <— the verifiers) they were all talking and and the greaser guy was complaining about “today’s music” which is all he ever did because he sort of thought the world stopped in 1959.  And the other guys thought he was comical (who wouldn’t since he wore a biker jacket but was crazy fat and had like six teeth but could go on a rant about how everything sucks now as compared to olden times that he didn’t even live through.  The people in the bar asked him about current bands  and he said they all sucked and then of course since this is a post about Nirvana and you know by now that it was Nirvana in the bar and the greaser guy had NO idea that it was them they asked him what he thought about Nirvana and he said (paraphrasing):

OMG I don’t care how sad they are and how angry they are.  It’s not rock and roll.  Pussies.

So at that point they told him they were Nirvana and he stopped and looked at them.  Waited for a minute and said:

You suck

Then they laughed and paid his tab, asked where they could buy some drugs and left.  As far as I know, they never played a concert in Maine.  There was some famous record producer in Portland so maybe that’s why they were there but the bartender and waitress swear to the story.  If any of you know Dave Grohl or Chris Novoselic will you ask them?  If they say: “I have never been in Portland, Maine” I will be crushed.  WHO WOULD MAKE UP GREASER DEADBEAT NIRVANA STORIES AND TELL THEM TO A KID?  Damn this world if this story isn’t true.

And now, the best song of the 1990s