I am sitting in an airport and the guy who sold me my soda looked like Paula Abdul.  Well, not too much like her.  He was short, anyway.  What do you want from me?  I’m sitting at this weird kiosk thing waiting for my stupid delayed flight and trying to figure out in my head how old Paula Abdul is.  40?  50?  60?  I have no idea.  She looks the same now as she did back when she sang this song.

Now some lady is at the other end of my kiosk reading her iPad and throwing off the whole vibe of the kiosk.  I would move but I am really lazy and I have two plugs right next to each other (like your mom, ZING!) and when you come right down to it I don’t care if iPad/glasses-face stupid lady is there or not.  I will persevere. The things I go through to make sure I never miss this dumb feature.

Thanks, Obama!