Dan Brill needs a watch to tell him when Friday is…

Stacy Frazer doesn’t want to wait.

Neither does Nicolette Whealy

Akshay Bist is not fond of waiting.

Waiting makes Roger Sherman downright mad. Or else he hates his own arm.

I feel badly for Paula Cole.  The hairy armpit thing never really caught on.  Her songs did, though.  She was really something for a while.  I guess getting your song used as the theme to a popular TV show can’t hurt.  Then again it didn’t help the band who sang the Friends song but they weren’t chicks with hairy armpits.  Looks like they missed that curve.  And the bass player from Seinfeld.  Nobody even knows who that guy is.  Fame is funny sometimes.

Speaking of fame, I don’t think Paula Cole has any anymore, and seems like the person who doesn’t care.  I am betting she is a beekeeper or a healing crystal therapist and might not even remember being a singer.  Good for her.  You go on with your hairy armpit self, Paula Cole.  The money you save on razors will extend your fortunes considerably!