Was Pras part of a band?  Is it completely racist that I just sort of mixed all the skinny black rappers into one jumble in the 90s?  I guess I did it with white people, too, but seriously if you told me to tell you the difference between Pras and Wyclef Jean I would pray one of them was in Haiti.  But you know who I had no trouble telling apart?  Ed Lover and Dr. Dre.  The original Dr. Dre.  The fat one.  Tall skinny guy and short fat guy.  Can’t go wrong with that.  Or really it could be skinny and fat regardless of height (Biggie and Diddy, the guy from Blues Traveler and the….rest of Blues Traveler).  As long as there are visual cues based on size I am pretty good with identifying people.

So if you want to become famous (at least to me), find someone to hang around with that makes the two of you look like a number 10.  Isn’t that right, PRESIDENT CHRIS CHRISTIE?