Technically this song was released in the ’80s but I don’t count things that start out in Europe.  Not even the Pilgrims.  Eff them.  And I wouldn’t have even thought of it except my friend on Google Plus made a joke about it.  It worked out perfectly and I didn’t even try to set her up.  See for yourself.

Sort of cool that I can put the proof of my story right there in the post.  Suck on that, Facebook!  Oh, and this is my all time favorite song sung by mostly unintelligible Scottish Buddy Holly lookalike twins.  And no, I won’t tell you my second favorite but I will give you a hint.  It is NOT Prince.  Or the Thompson Twins, who might have been Scottish.  Hmm.  Were they?  The world may never know.  Also, I will send a 32 GB SD card to the first person who tells me what the hell “haver” means and why they might do that while they are doing all the other weird things they do in that song.