So as you know, we went to Mad Monster Party last weekend and I STILL have a bunch of stuff to show you from it.  But it is time for Friday Nineties so I needed a way to tie it together with the show.  And the banner pic does it.  How?  Well, as you can see, Hulk Hogan, Mean Gene Okerlund and Roddy Piper were there and their panel was outstanding.

What does that have to do with the ’90s?

Well, at one point, Piper told a story that I am pretty sure had never been told before.  And Hogan backed him on it and was genuinely surprised that he had forgotten it.  I am going to write a separate column on that so suck it for now, you have to wait.  BUT!  The story involved the fabulous Moolah.

moolah-ropesThe Moolah story is pretty great and I can’t wait to tell it.  But the only ’90s that has to do with Moolah are the 1890s which is when I am pretty sure she was born.  BUT!  Gene, while telling the story, told a quick anecdote about the queen of wrestling.  It was a joke that someone else made at her expense and I had never heard it before.

Apparently she walked by Gene and this other person and the person looked her up and down and said to Gene: “Jeez, get a load of her chest.  38 Long.”

Get it?  Long?

Well, hilarious old lady boob jokes aside, that still doesn’t have anything to do with the ’90s, right?  Wrong.  Because the person who made the comment to Gene was

Freddie Blassie.  Classy Freddie Blassie.  And now it makes sense, right?  Because what iconic band mentions Fred Blassie in one of their songs?  R.E.M., that’s who.  And what song is it in?  Man on the Moon.  There.  I think I tied that together nicely.  I rule.