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Real McCoy – Another Night

Eva Halloween is The Real McCoy

Eva Halloween is The Real McCoy

Aaron Howell is also The Real McCoy. Who would pretend to be that? ZING!

I totally know this song.  You do, too.  But like many of the Friday Nineties picks I had NO idea who the band was.  Still don’t, really.  But their name (The Real McCoy) is pretty cool.  I feel like the name is sort of wasted on them since they were a one hit wonder.  Being The Real McCoy didn’t make their other songs more popular, so I would assume that having a worse name would not have made “Another Night” worse.  I can come up with some better name’s for them right off the bat:

  • Planter’s Wart
  • Railroad Dick
  • Gum
  • Sydney Carton’s Wig
  • Between the Cushions

Any of those names and “Another Night” would still have been a hit.  And then The Real McCoy could have been used for a better band.  But who to give it to…that’s the real question.  What band has a crap name but a lot of awesome songs?  Seriously I don’t know.  Someone?  Anyone? Help me out here.



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  1. Rog

    It’s gotta be good, if it’s preceded by a Justin Bieber commercial.

  2. Scott Moore (@sixstrngthng)

    The Flaming Lips? Squeeze is a pretty good one, that’s hard to beat. Maybe Ween can challenge.

  3. Mishu Gashu

    How the fuck did you not know who the Real McCoys were? I am disappoint.

    They had a bunch of awesome songs. Run Away, Operator, Come and Get Your Love, Automatic Lover, Its On You, One More Time… or am I weird for knowing and loving the Real McCoys?

    • Acadia

      Wait, I think I remember Come and Get Your Love. Hmmm.

  4. BackwoodsHorror (@BackwoodsHorror)

    In the incredibly voluminous book on the band: ANOTHER NIGHT WITH REAL McCOY, author Frank Mlardk (he’s Swedish) wrote 5 entire chapters detailing the band’s struggle to search out and destroy all actual Real McCoys, sometimes going to extreme measures and making them legally change their name at gunpoint. The band blamed it on the excessive quantities of coke and powdered placenta they’d snorted for months beforehand, but one member of the band, Debbie Butts later claimed that German “music” madman Olaf Jeglitza (, after a particularly calm night of sacrificing first borns said it came to him in a dream and that he was told by a naked woman with a goat’s head that he was, indeed the Wirklichen (Real) McCoy and that all impostors must be annihilated at once. He was last seen in a German dance club demanding the DJ play his “Greatest Hits” album which consisted entirely of screaming and flushing toilets. He claimed it was his Andy Warhol / DaDa-Ism fusion that, like Another Night, would change the world. Now, it is said, on dark, windy, stormy nights, you can still hear him, a masked mystery man, wandering the streets of Berlin, endlessly looping Another Night. This is often believed to be a story parents tell their German Pop/Rap obsessed children to scare them straight, but who knows the truth…who knows…

    • BackwoodsHorror (@BackwoodsHorror)

      In addition to my own photo above, it is also Rascal The Wonder Dog’s first appearance on SUPERFICIAL GALLERY as well. Hell of an entrance, as is his style at all times. Also, I need to work on a new avatar if I’m going to comment. The little twitter photo blows up horribly.

  5. Don Quikaung

    When I first saw that Acadia chose this song, I was happy. I thought, “maybe Acadia has come around!” Especially since it doesn’t seem that long ago that he went through like 4 weeks of depressing songs. Now, I am starting to wonder if this song is one of those ‘up beat and catchy songs’ that is really about meth or some other crazy thing.
    Maybe I need to Google the lyrics. I won’t, I’m way to lazy for that, but maybe I should.


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