The banner pic is sporting a great shot of this week's featured Friday 90s band: Salt-N-Pepa. The one on the left is "N", the middle one is Salt and the one on the right is Predator.

I knew I would have to confront the best chick rap trio of the decade at some point, and I bet a lot of you thought I would choose “Let’s Talk About Sex.”  But no.  “Shoop” is 3/4 of the best chick rap song ever written.  The last 1/4, when that doofus guy comes out and ruins it makes you skip to the next song.

Since I am totally hunky I completely understand what it is like to have songs written about me.  And the ladies don’t pull any punches with their admiration of the dudes walking all over their beach.  And why is it in California all the beaches seem to have roads like, 3 feet away?  Who would go to that beach?  Seriously.  I mean, it might be handy if you could just run to your car right quick for a beer but realistically who wants to hear the songs playing in 500 cars at the same time?

Then again, I live in a place that doesn’t even have ocean so I guess I’m just hating.  But it is justified.  I’m from MAINE and at least we knew enough to keep the road away from the ocean (mostly).  And our beaches are made of rocks and bottle caps.  Video after the jump.  I am not putting the lyrics because you guys never sing anyway.  I will do them again if 5 people complain in here.  Heh.