Oh SANtana.  Right

Oh SANtana. Right

It has taken a loooong time for me to get to this song.  It was the last #1 hit of the 90s.  And you’d think that I would have waited until the column was done before I used it.  But instead I was thinking about how the Hell do you get so famous that you get to say a song is yours if you aren’t even the one who SINGS the song?  I admit freely I know nothing about Santana except for these things:

  • Black Magic Woman – Which I remember being played a million times in my friends car because he had a mix tape with that on it and Bad Company’s Greatest Hits.  Those were literally the only two tapes in the car.  But it was the only car we had access to so there you go.  Also, the rest of the mix tape was apparently not memorable.
  • The band makes me think of the mirrors you could win at carnivals.  You know the little square ones?  Do they still do that?  Give kids coke mirrors for popping balloons with darts?
  • I know Santana is the guy but is his band really a BAND or is it just a bunch of people who stand behind him (like The Heartbreakers)?  I can’t imagine that the rest of the guys would stick with him considering he only had a hit every 30 years.

That said, I have to hand it to the guy.  It is fifteen years later and the song is just as cool as it was then.  I am not sure if Matchbox Twenty is still a thing but I bet Rob Thomas is hoping that he can pull some song out of his butt in 2030 and have everyone love it.  And maybe Carlos will still be alive.  He’d be 100 or so, I think.  Actually, that WOULD be sort of neat.  I guess I will meet you in fifteen years and see if he pulls it off.