I don’t quit.  I have been doing Friday Nineties since 2010.  This site is nine years old (which is like, 150 in Internet Years).  And I have worked the same job for thirteen years.  But this is my last day.  I don’t talk about myself a lot (since I am obviously very important and can’t use my fame to…get visitors to come to the site) but this is a big deal.  And I wanted to pick an appropriate song to commemorate it.  But in a cruel twist of fate, I did “End of the Road” like three years ago.  Stupid longevity.

I am moving on to do sort of the same thing but just for one client instead of getting passed around a bunch of clients like a really good joint.  I am proud of what I have done and I am excited for what’s next.  And maybe since I am changing this I can change all sorts of stuff now.  Maybe make some suggestions in the comments.  A tattoo?  Wearing civil war uniforms all day as regular clothes?  The sky’s the limit!

So here is Sarah McLachlan singing “I Will Remember You”.  Not sure what the song is about (I have to get this done before I leave for work since I don’t want to be late on my last day) but I won’t forget my colleagues, especially since I will still talk to them every day.  But not in the same way.  It’s weird.  Anyway, if you pride yourself for your loyalty, maybe once in a while ask yourself if you are JUST loyal, or is there a little fear of change mixed in there, too.  You might be surprised.