Roger Sherman shows us all how to be romantic. *looks up definition of romantic* Roger Sherman practices whistling!

Angie Potter is sexy, bro. JWOWW for Halloween? Come on. Look at the boobs. Look at how THE OPPOSITE OF ROGER SHERMAN she is.

1995?  This song came out in 1995?  Really?

I checked and that’s what it says but it doesn’t seem possible.  That means that the song is almost 20 years old.  THIS song?  Cannot be.  I would swear on a stack of bibles torahs korans the Dalai Lama’s my nuts that this song came out in 2004.  2003 TOPS.  Shaggy!  Where did you go?  When did It Wasn’t Me come out?  Obviously I have no idea.

Maybe Shaggy went back in time.  That’s as good a guess as any.  And that’s probably why he disappeared.  Poor Shaggy.  Stuck in 2059 and all mad that we still don’t have hover bikes.  Check it out after the jump.

EDIT:  Now that Angie Potter sent her pic I have all this room to fill up.  Um.

OK so one day this teacher says to her class that they are going to learn about famous quotes.  And as a bonus, anyone who gets a right answer gets to take the rest of that day and the next day off from school and doesn’t need to come back until Thursday.  The kids are all excited and the teacher starts with: “Who said: We have nothing to fear but fear itself?”.  A Mexican immigrant kid raises her hand and says “FDR”.  Teacher says: “That’s right, you can go home!”.  Little girl says she likes school and wants to stay.  Teacher asks: Who said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”.  The girls brother is the only one who raises his hand.  He says Ronald Reagan and the teacher gives him the same offer.  Kid says: “I don’t think school is a punishment.  I think its a privilege.  I want to stay.”

Then someone says: “Goddamn Mexicans”

“WHO SAID THAT!?” demands the teacher.

Little white kid gathers up his stuff and heads toward the door.  “Jan Brewer.  See you on Thursday!”