I swear that I was going to use All Star as the Smash Mouth song but then I remembered that YTMND I linked on the left and I had to use Walkin’ on the Sun.  I wish I had enough talent to make gifs.  If I did I would make them all day.  Probably take a football to the supermarket and huck it at dudes’ nuts while they are walking out of the store.  I would film their comical pain and then make it into a gif and be the most popular person on the whole Internet.  But I can’t make gifs.  So don’t get all excited.  I could post a regular picture maybe and you can wobble your monitor back and forth.

Why are the guys in this video wearing the same shirts that Charlie Sheen wore in that stupid show he got fired from?  In fact, it is sort of the exact same EVERYTHING.  Is a fashion supposed to not go away for 20 years?  Did it go away and then come back?  Is Smash Mouth still a band?

One time in Pennsylvania I was at the West End Fair and I was on the way out when I heard that .38 Special was playing.  They were headlining that fair!  I will always regret not going, too.  If I was a washed up band that had 3 or 4 sort of hits and a few more that people would remember I would play every night.  Two shows per night.  1k per show.  How long does it take to play 10 songs?  An hour?  Pfft.  Play the hits, grab the check, gtfo.

I’ll be watching the fairs for you, Smash Mouth.  Oh yes I will.  And I hope you get there.  I really do.  Video after the jump (don’t miss this one).  Oh, and one other thing.  What instrument do they use to make that “der dun dun dun dun” sound?  Guitar?  Vloptrano?