I swear to you I had completely forgotten this song existed until I was going through my weird lists.  I know you will probably remember it, but I am not sure the song by itself is interesting enough to keep a whole post going.  So HOW ABOUT THOSE MUPPETS!?!

I suppose little kids now don’t know what Kermit sounded like when Jim Henson voiced him.  I wonder if kids were freaked out about Kermit’s voice when it changed to whatever dude they replaced him with.  I think they should make every Muppet do a “death soliloquy”.  Like – just do a scene where the Muppet (or Muppets) the person voices says he has a cold or wants to be an impressionist or something that will explain why their voice is going to be different from now on.  Then they can just dub in the new guy.  It’s not like the kids will figure it out.  They think hairy puppets without ears or legs can talk so I think it is pretty safe to assume my plan will work.

But Frank Oz needs to clone himself or Disney needs to spend billions to find someone who sounds just like him.  He’s Miss Piggy AND Yoda.  I think.  Right?  Replace him quickly regardless.  He could get karate chopped in the neck some day at Walgreen’s and there will be a lot of trouble later on.  Damn there are a lot of things to worry about in this world.  So take a break and listen to the song for a minute and think about who your favorite Muppet is.  And if you say Animal you are a sell out.