If you loved Every Morning by Sugar Ray then the odds are pretty good that you are old enough to remember when cereal companies didn’t give a crap about pretending they were healthy.  I say pretending because it isn’t like they are healthy now but instead of calling them “Super Sugar Crisp” they call it “Golden Crisp”.  That may explain why America keeps getting fatter.  If we are so stupid that we bought cereal that says sugar on the box twice and vitamins once and shoved it into our kids faces, how is changing the name to “golden” going to help?  Now people probably look at how many ounces are in the box and then pull up some app that tells them how much gold is worth.  OMG THIS BOX IS WORTH $75K!

Then again Mark McGrath was born in 1968 which puts him completely within the wheelhouse of 90s awesomeness and also guarantees that he ate a TON of that sugary crap.  And yet he had hit songs, was a skinny hearththrob and now works that dorky job on TV with not an ounce of shame.  So if you are thinking back to when you were in your 20s and listening to this song and thinking about how skinny you were, I guess you can look at Mark McGrath and get even madder at your parents.  Not for the cereal thing, but for your genes.

The moral of this story is that this is a good song and if you remember it fondly then the odds of you being in the physical shape you wish you were in are VERY LOW.