taylor-dayne-sizedThe first time I did a Taylor Dane song it was I’ll Be Your Shelter and all my brother did was complain.  He kept yakking that I picked the wrong song.  Well, since I am here in Maine and that’s where my brother is, I thought it would be nice to right that old wrong and do a different song.  Please note that I didn’t say: “The song he thought I should have picked” because I don’t remember what he said.  And so I am picking this song because:

  • It is possible that this is the one he said.
  • Even though I am going to see him in two hours I cannot wait until after then to put up the post (too busy!)
  • I am not going to call him because it would be weird.
  • I can’t imagine my brother knowing an obscure Taylor Dane song.  And by obscure I mean one that isn’t this one, the one I already did or Tell It to My Heart which was from the 80’s.

(Read this next part in the voice of Hulk Hogan) So…Merry Christmas, brother. I know that I could have expended a TINY bit of effort and figured out the actual song, but that would be so out of character that you would be suspicious.  And I don’t want you to be suspicious during the holidays.  OR DO I????  So have fun living it up in your weird Taylor Dane fantasy world.  Just take my advice and do NOT look up what she looks like now.  Just don’t.