Christopher Slee doesn’t need Taylor Dane. He has his own shelter.

J.P. Harvey needs her, though.

Jennifer Paulk-McGinley needs Taylor, too. She is ill prepared.

Sarajean Malpica is set. Not a problem.

Stacy Frazer is more than set. Shelter in spades.

No need to have Taylor be your shelter, Jen Li.

Confession:  I sing the chorus of this song really loud whenever I hear it.  And I do the Night…ight…ight…ight part.  I suggest you listen to it and realize the epicness of the chorus of the song.  I have no idea about the rest of the song but who gives a whip?  Not me.  I can sing like crazy.

And I looked up some pictures of Taylor Dane now and she sort of looks the same.  But I’m not sure if that means she looks young now or looked old then.  Maybe the secret to eternal youth is a mediocre music career.  Wait, that doesn’t explain Cher.  Oh whatever.  Just listen to the song.