I don’t know about you but The Cranberries are one of the first bands that pop into my head when I think about the early 90s.  They had a string of three hits and the best one (IMO) is Zombie.  It’s about the IRA and northern Ireland and doesn’t have any real zombies in it but hey it’s almost Halloween so any song with zombie in the title is pretty seasonal so let’s roll with it.

So did the word zombie start out as a way to describe an alive person who is out of it and they just used the word to describe the people eating zombies or was it the other way around?  And where do the Haiti voodoo zombies fit in?  Did you ever see that Voodoo movie from the eighties with Bill Pullman?  The Serpent and the Rainbow?  It’s pretty good but it has the voodoo kind of zombie.

How great would it be if someone made a zombie movies with JUST the voodoo kind?  Bunch of dudes in tuxedos who go super slow and don’t want to eat anyone but can do simple tasks like pick up a rock or push a car or shoot someone.  That’s real terror for you.  A bunch of really slow, well dressed guys who are smart enough to walk around a fence instead of mindlessly bumping into it for all eternity.  After a few days of that, you would be wishing for the stupid kind again.  If I had to be a zombie give me voodoo zombie all the way.  I wouldn’t have to eat people and I would still be able to drive a car.  I would kill humans just for the fun of it.  You hear that, humans?  I WILL KILL YOU JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT!

Except for the girl from The Cranberries.  She can live.  I like this song.  And she dances worse than Lorde so there’s that.