When I have hip hop parties, I have them in weird institutional kitchens.

It is about time that I got all the way around to Biggie.  I guess I could have waited.  Wasn’t like he’s going anywhere (too soon?).  But he was awesome and deserves to be in.  And I used this song out of the bazillions I could have picked for a few reasons:

  • “Guess that’s why they broke and you so paid” is the best piece of American writing since “Isn’t it pretty to think so.”
  • Puff Daddy looks like he is 19
  • The ridiculousness of trying to catch a boat with a helicopter.  Nobody goes fishing with a parrot.  And no, don’t tell me about all the birds that catch fish.  I don’t need your “facts” messing up my jokes professor kill joy.
  • The ridiculous of driving backwards in a car for like an hour while getting chased buy a bunch of motorcycles and a Hummer.  Why would you not have time to turn around front ways?   Or just stop and drive the other way?  Then the motorcycles would have had to drive backwards and I think that is impossible.  Poor planning like that is prolly why Biggie got killed.  If his security details go to move was “drive backwards” he never had a chance.  🙁