Horror movies don’t usually win Oscars.  Silence of the Lambs did, though and it totes deserved it.  I am in love with the NBC series Hannibal as much as I am with the original movie, and as much as I loathe all the stupid sequels to the original movie.  Oh Ray Liotta, are you a movie star or not?  I can never tell!

I am including a great video (I recommend the series itself as it is really cool) about the first scene that includes both Agent Starling and Dr. Lecter.  Then after that I included my favorite thing in the movie.  I know there are a lot of memorable lines and scenes but the one down at the bottom became something my old roommate and I would ask whenever anyone asked about anyone for any reason.  We were idiots.

And as one final bonus – ever wonder why Chris Griffin from Family Guy sounds so weird?  Well find out below, and thank Silence of the Lambs!

What are your favorite parts, or are you too chicken to watch it?  Also, what about the NBC show?  Doesn’t it rule!  Sucks they cancelled it.  🙁