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The Wallflowers – One Headlight


I lived in a place that smelled like cheap beer and cigarettes.  Not wine.  But I did work in a cemetery.  And I had a car with one headlight once.  So this song is pretty much about me.  I didn’t listen to the rest of the lyrics but I also had a truck that didn’t work for crap.  I bought it from the cemetery that I worked for when they were going to junk it.  I didn’t have much money so the boss had pity and sold it to me for $100.00.

He didn’t want me to die in the snow (it was just a little Chevy S-10) so we put some old headstones in the back to weigh it down and voila – I had a vehicle.  I drove it into the ground (not that it had far to go).  One day I had to run into 7-11 and since the brakes went out as I turned in I ended up literally running into 7-11.  I had no money so when the two truck came I asked him to just buy it off me.  He said it wasn’t worth anything but I told him I had just put $10.00 in gas in it.  So he gave me $10.00 and drove away.  With the headstones.  I walked home.

I guess that doesn’t have much to do with the song but it happened in the 90s and it is more interesting than wondering why Bob Dylan’s son couldn’t manage to be more than a one hit wonder considering he can actually sing.  That’s pretty depressing.  Just like when I lost my truck.  I had to walk everywhere and bum rides.  And if I really analyze it, Jakob Dylan is still a millionaire, probably.  So who’s the real victim here?  Me.  Have fun listening to the song while I try to figure out where I went wrong…


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  1. Cornmeal

    Dude got ripped off. I would have charged you $10 to take it away.

  2. jen Li

    I was just singing this to myself yesterday. Poor Cinderella.

  3. angie potter

    They over played this so much that my soon to be husband ejected the CD and tossed it out the car window. Just chucked it. It’s laying somewhere on Executive Blvd.

    • Acadia Einstein

      I bet it cut some baby’s face. That’s how you do things.

  4. Dan Brill

    It would suck to write a song this good and be the second-best songwriter in your family. I bet at thanksgiving all his aunts and uncles ask him if he has a new album coming out soon, and then dad mubles something unintelligible while opening envelopes full of royalty checks.

    • Ami B.

      Everything Dylan mumbles is unintelligible these days.

  5. Stacy

    Cemeteries, headstones, old pickups and losers for $1000 Alex!


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