Unbreaking hearts is tough.  Some people say that if you break something you can glue it back together but it won’t be as strong.  That’s sort of depressing.  I prefer to think that if you put something back together it will be stronger than it was before.  Like if you took all the pieces from a hard boiled egg and glued them onto an egg-shaped piece of iron.  It would be stronger.  Of course it would also take forever and its uses would be pretty limited so maybe that’s not all that practical.

OK so maybe you can’t put broken hearts back together.  Not the way they were.  But I guess nobody told Toni Braxton that.  She is pretty sad and is totally begging this dude to come back to her.  Maybe I should offer to make her an iron egg.  Might not make her love-life any better, but she could totally huck it at the guy who made her cry.  And if you can’t get your man back, you can at least hit him with an iron egg.  What a wonderful sentiment.


Here’s the video.  I hope Ms. Braxton bounced back.  Poor thing.