The current Gallery Staff picture.

The current Gallery Staff picture.

So now that the convention is over and summer is on the way, it is time for the site to start posting more.  Eva Halloween, Princess Peach and Choo (pictured above) are working hard, but since it takes time to put these things together we have to face the reality of needing new people.  Cornmeal and Sangfroid are gone.  They’re alive.  They just don’t write anymore.  So it is time to get some more people.

Usually this would be the time when I make a bunch of self-deprecating jokes and telling you how easy it is to do this, but I’m not doing that anymore.  It’s tough to come up with something regularly.  And trying to make people laugh, or even sort of smile, is not easy.  BUT!  Doing recaps of shows is. And there are a ton of shows that I am sure people are interested in.  Game of Thrones is starting up again.  True Blood will be back in June.  And there is a new reality show every week.  Apparently we can’t get enough of watching other people work at weird jobs.

So you can do recaps, movie reviews, lists (I hate the Chive and Buzzfeed for their inexhaustible supply of lists and want to fight them) or something else if you can explain it pretty well.  No nudity or swearing, in the posts OR in the interview.  And if you want to do something regularly but not be pinned into a gimmick that is cool. too.  But this is not a “blog”.  I don’t care how you feel and neither does anyone else (unless you have a weird addiction like eating toilet paper).  Diaries used to have locks on them FOR A REASON!

So if you are interested in giving it a shot, reach out to us.  You can get me here in a bunch of ways or you can use the contact page.  In fact, being able to get a hold of us is a good first test.  Oh, and full disclosure, we make no money so I can only pay you if we get some special offer to review something or do some paid post.  We had quite a few of those one year and it isn’t like we don’t WANT to make money.  And if you want to get a feel for how we do things, you can come by on Friday night for our special attraction (drum roll):

Live Breathalyzer Test!

This Friday we will be testing the only breathalyzer that attaches to your cell phone.  So you can bring it to bars where it will actually come in handy.  I have NO idea how it works yet but I will be testing the whole thing on a Google Hangout on Air at 10:00 pm est.  I also have one to give away.  Not the one that I used (nobody wants that) but a brand spanking new one.  Not sure how I will run the giveaway but I am sure I will get tons of good ideas the drunker I get.  So remember, that’s 10:00 pm est this Friday, April 11th.  And now a few words from the good people who are giving me this excuse to drink and call it work opportunity to test a product that has a chance to make a difference and make the streets safer.

Breathometer Joins Forces with Fathers Against Drunk Driving (FADD) to Promote Safe and Responsible Drinking

Maker of Smartphone Breathalyzer to Donate Portion of each Product Sold to Foundation, CEO Joins FADD Board

BURLINGAME, California – March 20, 2014 — Breathometer™, the maker of the industry’s first smartphone-based breathalyzer, today announced it has made a one-time donation to the Fathers Against Drunk Driving (FADD) foundation and will kick off a one year promotion to also donate a portion of the proceeds from every Breathometer unit sold through FADD programs.  FADD will exclusively use the Breathometer with its ongoing community awareness and youth engagement initiatives. As part of the partnership, Breathometer CEO Charles Michael Yim will join the board of directors for FADD.

Launched in 2013, the Breathometer transforms any smartphone into a breathalyzer within seconds — helping consumers monitor their alcohol consumption and make smarter decisions when drinking.  Small enough to fit on a key chain, Breathometer plugs into a smartphone audio jack and together with a mobile app, transforms it into a sleek, portable and accurate breathalyzer measuring blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

“We share a common mission with Fathers Against Drunk Driving and saw several ways we could work together to have a greater impact on the community,” said Breathometer CEO Charles Michael Yim.  “ With Breathometer we make it easy and affordable for anyone to make good decisions about driving and drinking.  We support the many outreach efforts of FADD and are very pleased to offer support, and a financial donation today and over the coming year.”

Breathometer will provide Fathers Against Drunk Driving with Breathometer units to use as part of their educational awareness programs and events.  Any Breathometer unit sold in association with FADD will result in a contribution to the foundation from Breathometer.


About Breathometer

Headquartered in Burlingame, California, Breathometer is the maker of the industry’s first smartphone-based breathalyzer. Breathometer was first launched through a successful Indiegogo campaign in March 2013 and seen on ABC’s The Shark Tank, where all five TV investors chose to invest in the company. The first product was made available to consumers in October 2013. With its compact design and affordable price, Breathometer is bringing an extremely accessible smartphone breathalyzer to the mass market to allow anyone who drinks, and their friends and family, to make smarter and safer choices. For more information visit:

About Fathers Against Drunk Driving

Fathers Against Drunk Driving (FADD Inc.) was created to form partnerships in order to do mass mobilization throughout the U.S. and help to reduce and eliminate deadly alcohol related crashes.  With associate chapters, students, teachers, high schools and law enforcement agencies, FADD implements education awareness prevention campaigns, programs and events.  The foundation hopes to continue expanding its efforts to more regions in the U.S. and other countries in the future.