If you have been around for a long time, then you remember the old logo.  And the old font.  And the old slogan.  Hmm – there was a lot of stuff different back then.  I guess it bears some explaining.  Or maybe it doesn’t but whatever.

In 2004 / 2005 (run by Karl Wang) opened a forum.  This was pretty much the heyday of phpbb.  And it was also in the glorious time when NOT saying who you really were was the rule of the internet, instead of the exact opposite.  So everyone was pretty much happy that their online friends were named “Ballsack” and “TinaYouFatLard” and “bustedstr8” because we didn’t give a crap who people really were.

And since this was before Google Image search got smart and let you search by reverse, people could post pics of themselves and it didn’t really matter.  There was no way you were going to find out who they were unless the filename was betsy-johnson-good-pic-i-live-in-hartford.jpg so if we saw someone we would say: well, that is what GratuitouslyLongScreenName looks like.  Huh.

So the forum was pretty much a free for all where people posted pics of themselves constantly and I decided it would be funny to put their pics on a site.  And big surprise, they loved it, too.  Want to see what it used to look like?  Go here and click around.

The lips in the banner belong to my ex-partner, Vange.  Until the great schism, she and I were the Benson and Stabler of the site.  Dumb schism.

Anyway – here are a bunch of old pics featuring the old logo.  Back then we used to get a million hits and there was a different saying on the banner every time you refreshed it.  Hmm – I should try to do that again!