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Game Day – Star Wars Battlefront

Game Day – Star Wars Battlefront


Did you know that on top of doing this I also have a very rich life of playing the same video game over and over and getting marginally better each time?  Well I do, and you can see me do it on my Twitch Channel!  Star Wars Battlefront is my game.  Well, also Minecraft but I only play that when I feel like the world is too threatening.  But Battlefront is where I do most of my killing.  And complaining that my username sucks.

See, my PS4 name is halthus23 (long story) but a huge part of the game for me is getting pissed at the people who kill me and cursing them.  It’s fun to say: Damn you CobaJeebaJoe!  <— seriously how fun is that to say?  But halthus23?  I want to change it. If I could pick anything I wanted I would switch it to: YourOwnSluttyMom which would mean that if I killed someone it would pop up:


How great would that be?  So tune in.  You can follow me on Twitter to see when I am playing.  And I will be playing today at 4:00 PM EST.  So get ready!  Oh and I will probably be playing with my neighbor who might not be set so you can hear him so if it seems like I am just talking to myself that’s why.

Also, I suck at the game for the most part so if you are looking for tips you should probably just listen to be describe what my neighbor does.  =/  Here is a clip of one of the good things I did, though, in case you don’t believe me.

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  1. Roger Sherman

    Dammit, you’re not playing!

  2. Roger Sherman

    Why do you only use your shield bubble when nobody is around to shoot at you?

  3. Acadia Einstein


  4. Sangfroid

    How can you not play even one of the same games I do?

      • Sangfroid

        Sure make me feel like a crack head for playing World of Warcraft. *goes back to getting the perfect ending in Fallout 4*

          • Sangfroid

            Come on man I can’t afford console gaming and I just looked, 119.98 for Battlefront with a season pass for the PC Download.

          • Acadia Einstein

            What else do you play on steam?

          • Sangfroid

            I actually just got Steam. They forced me to pay five dollars to get my gift of Fallout 4 so I’m still being cranky about them although I did see a few old games I used to play like Mech Warrior. Minecraft scares me because I don’t think anyone would see me for several years but I’d have the best coolest maps. I mostly have played MMO’s: Eve (Pure psychotic) KOTR (Died when everyone became a Jedi and no fun crafting anymore) Guild Wars, Rift, Wildstar, Star Trek Online didn’t float my boat the rooms were out of proportion but I played it a while. Ultima, etc etc Mostly everthing stops minus eight when I got sick and went broke except WoW where the guild subsidizes my habit. WoW is dying fast though. The only thing that’s getting me through this content desert is getting the perfect ending of Fallout 4 and that’s slowing down. Did you know that Bar Harbor is going to be the setting for the DLC? Looking at the map I’m just on the edge of it or a little over. Maybe there will be a guy in a Lucha mask. Probably a defective synth.

          • Acadia Einstein

            Why don’t you write about all that nerd shit, then?

          • Sangfroid

            I resisted wall o text for two days *shame* I was also hoping you’d get that online D&D thing going but it seemed to fizzle.

          • Sangfroid

            You have what? Hardly anyone read my Fallout articles.

          • Acadia Einstein

            Why would you say that ON THE SITE?

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