Preface: Basically this episode made all my dreams come true, so I’m pretty terrified they will crush most of them next week. But for now, let’s just concentrate on some good stuff and enjoy it while we can.

Theories/hopes that were realized:

  • Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons kick a$$
  • Yara and Theon show up and Daenerys makes a deal with them – bonus: Yara flirts with the Mother of Dragons

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  • The Starks retake Winterfell (I definitely clapped when this happened)

stark banner

  • Sansa saves the day with the Knights of the Vale
  • Ramsay Bolton dies in the most perfect way possible
  • Tormund Giantsbane survives the battle

Theories/hopes that were dashed:

  • Rickon not being a real captive and some of Ramsay’s own forces turning on him
  • Rickon’s wolf not really being dead
  • Jon’s wolf Ghost killing Ramsay Bolton
  • Arya magically showing up in time to do something ridiculous like kill Ramsay for Sansa (OK this was just my imagination, but since she seems incapable of dying, I thought maybe she could also fly or something)

Now to highlight some of my other favorite moments…

When Daenerys tells The Masters “Oh no you’re mistaken, we are discussing your surrender, not ours. My reign has just begun.

my reign has just begun

And then of course, dragons and the Dothraki. Which was amazing and I’m pretty sure I made excited noises and clapped my hands.

burning boats


Even though I’m nervous about what it means for the future, Seeing Sansa with a proud little smile on her face sitting with Littlefinger as the Knights of the Vale ride in and save the day made me happy.

littlefinger sansa

Sansa making hard choices and being bada$$ about it. Like when she tells Jon they’re never getting Rickon back now that Ramsay has him.

damn sansa

And also this:

“You’re going to die tomorrow, Ramsay.”

sansa sleep well

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my reign

has just


Davos finding the carved toy he made for Stannis’s daughter.

davos princess

That is NOT going to end well for Melisandre. As it shouldn’t. Burning children alive is not really cool, even in old-y times. I’m sick of people sweeping the religious fanaticism under the rug, even on this pretend show. Make her sorry she did that, yes, please.

So in synopsis, Mother of Dragons is back on top, and she’s uniting with the Vikings to come back to Westeros and “break the wheel”…

break the wheel

The Starks are back at Winterfell and Sansa fed Ramsay to his own dogs. Dude, she told you what was going to happen.

sansa walking away

What did you think? Did I miss anything major? What can possibly happen next week to crush all my dreams?

dany yara 1

dany yara 2