OK so I failed at life and let another episode air before I finished my last recap. Sorry folks, but as you know, I’m President of “not helping” around here so, it’s pretty much par for the course.

Here’s the super short version:

Theon Greyjoy


Yara tells him to either kill himself or suck it up buttercup, because she needs his help. Oh also, she’s into ladies.

yara theon

I mean, I can’t blame her. We’re awesome. She also announced plans to take her navy to see Dany and come back to Westeros with some dragons and kick everyone’s a$$es. Yes please.

Arya Stark

arya before stabbing

Arya gets tricked and stabbed and greviously injured far too easily, it seems, by “the waif”.

arya stabbing

But of course, hold tight for the next episode, “No One”.

arya stumbling