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I heard a rumor that The Atlantic said this was a crappy episode but I’m not even linking to their garbage site because it was a great episode. So there.

First of all, we got to see Tyrion releasing Dany’s dragons from captivity. I love him because he’s smart, he is sometimes sort of fearless, or at least acts like it, and he often does things without hesitation that he wouldn’t have done if he allowed himself to consider it too long. Case in point, he tells Varys if he ever suggests doing something like that again, for him to punch Tyrion in the face.

tyrion torch dragons

Here’s a good article that recaps the initial meeting and friendship developing between Dany and Tyrion. I didn’t remember a lot of the details of their sparring, it was good.

Another great moment was the Wildlings crashing through the gates of Castle Black and everyone basically immediately dropping their weapons.

wildlings and giant season 5

Yes, this is an old gif from last season. Get on it, internet, where’s my Season 6 giant gif? #sodisappoint

I mean, they weren’t into it anyway, most of them were faithful to Jon Snow and aren’t happy about recent events. And now Sir Alliser and his crew of malcontents are behind bars. Good.

Poor Marcella is dead. Nobody still cares about you, Lannisters. You’re the worst. Except Tyrion. Jamie you almost have a pass but you need to quit Cersei. Just quit her, she’s terrible. IJS.

tommen at funeral

I did kind of enjoy the moment where she tried to attend her daughter’s funeral and the King’s Guard didn’t let her, but they were visibly shaken by her creepy undead bodyguard and sighed in relief when she decided not to put him to use yet.

cersei and mountain

Blah blah, Tommen feels guilty for not visiting his mom in jail and killing all the Sparrows. So of course he goes and asks her for help and that’s it, you’ve just sealed your fate, sir. #youwillbedeadsoon

ramsey bolton

Ramsey Bolton née Snow continues to be the worst person in Westeros. His father has a son so I naturally assume he will kill it, but I didn’t see him killing is father first. Damn. I wondered out loud what it’s like to be a lesser person in this world. Just sit there watching all the “royals” killing each other and mindlessly following whoever the next one is, barely batting an eye? No thank you. Of course, he kills the baby and his mother by having them torn to shreds by his hounds. Yikes. You are literally the worst. Can someone please burn him alive with a dragon already?

iron born

Meanwhile Yara Greyjoy, who seems to be the only person on earth who still gives a crap about Theon (except maybe Sansa now) tries to stand up to her father and it doesn’t go well. But don’t worry, his own long lost brother shows up and throws him off a rickety bridge, so, Yara has a funeral to go to.

yara greyjoy

Where she makes a comment assuming she will rule and gets put in her place because of whatever weird Ironborn rules there are – she has to fight someone or some such thing. I think I’m a fan of hers so I am interested to see what happens. Theon says he’s coming home so maybe the two of them will do something useful together.

Bran is doing whatever training or nonsense about his abilities. They’re not really explaining why he’s where he is or for how long. It is interesting that he’s getting to see his own family’s past, including Ned, Benjin and Lyanna as kids. I assume we’ll learn some important background about all of them. But it feels like he’s whiling time away while so much stuff is happening in the rest of Westeros. I want him to hurry up and get a move on.


Arya has passed whatever meaningless test her cult leader wanted her to so I guess she’s not a beggar anymore. I’m over that storyline, get to the part where she can shapeshift or put on other people’s faces or whatever, please. I need her to be back on her revenge mission. HURRY UP.

no one

“A girl is not a beggar anymore.”

davos melisandre

Then of course there is Davos trying to convince Melisandre that she should try to bring Jon Snow back. She is obviously depressed and feeling pretty useless and claims she doesn’t have that power, but he pointedly asks, “Have you tried?”

I definitely did not expect this to work. I kept staring at his wounds to see if they would heal, and nothing. But! I started to believe when they were playing so much dramatic music. And of course when everyone left the room and they panned down to Ghost I was like “Oh snap, he’s going to lift his head up and Jon will be alive!”

jon snow wakes up

While I kind of wanted him to rise magically out of a fire, I’ll still take it. What did you think? It had me on the edge of my seat a lot, and I thought it delivered some major information. Leave your comments below!

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