So we missed a couple of weeks because the site was down (but notice its new hotness yay!) so let me just assume that if you’re reading this, you already watched those, and we’ll jump to the current episode in which all my Mother of Dragons dreams came true.

Obviously, spoilers galore. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s already pretty spoiled by the first paragraph, and you should stop reading.

First some reunions and tense convos

Ok so some important things happen. Arya gets back to Winterfell and reunites somewhat awkwardly with Sansa…

and even more awkwardly with Bran. But you know, he’s basically an unfeeling psychic now or whatever. So I guess it’s not his fault?

Arya then spars with Brienne, besting her twice, which shocks everyone except Arya, and is pretty great.

It’s hard for me to pick week by week but I think Arya has to be my all time fave so far. She had to run away from King’s Landing as a little girl, pretend to be a boy, learn how to be an assassin, was tortured and almost killed in the process (remember when she was gut-stabbed by that terrible girl who was her “rival” apparently?), and then not only did she just kind of nonchalantly kill all the Freys, she is quietly confident she can kill just about anyone. And that seems to be true. You go, girl, they all deserve it.

Also, Theon/Reek shows up at Dragonstone, much to nobody’s pleasure.

Jon Snow tells him the only reason he hasn’t killed him on sight is that he helped Sansa escape Ramsey Bolton. But don’t worry, he un-redeemed himself for that right quick by letting his sister get captured by their awful uncle, yes? I’m very tired of Theon. I know he’s had some rough shakes but he started out as kind of a dick anyway, so… I don’t know, get it together or get busy dying, Theon.

Dany starts to get pretty unimpressed with Tyrion’s advice. Here, I think, is the moment where she is the most unimpressed:

And then after dismissing his advice to not use her dragons, she asks Jon Snow what he thinks she should do.

I enjoy the look of horror and offense on Tyrion’s face in this shot.

I have been dying for her to use her dragons, obviously, but yeah, she probably shouldn’t burn an entire city alive which is something Cersei would do and which is what Jon tells her.

Next scene, Lannister army looking totally unworried and marching a long distance on an open plain. Enter me jumping to the edge of my couch and clapping my hands expectantly.

Mother of Dragons Shows Everyone Who’s Boss

This, this moment where Bronn and Jaime hear… something that they can’t yet identify, is so so great. Because we know what’s coming.

And we have to remember that even though we know about the dragons, and everyone has heard about the dragons, people have a hard time believing they really exist. I thought it was really well done that the first thing they see is just the Dothraki, and that’s already enough to get everyone shaking in their boots. The fact that we still know a dragon is coming is just so great. I was literally yelling incomprehensible things and almost jumping out of my seat at this point. And here it is, the moment 90% of the Lannister army s*** their pants:

Even Jaime looks scared to death. It’s fantastic. It’s like that thing where you realize that “good” soldiers in oldy times means like everyone lines up and fights in an organized manner, and how stupid that is when you see something else. I compared this earlier in a conversation with a friend to watching Vikings attack the British redcoats or something. It’s just like… sad almost. The moment when the Dothraki is standing on the hill with Tyrion and he says “Your people can’t fight” is just so perfect.

Oh sorry, were you guys using that? All that grain and those horses and stuff?

Of course, when Bronn runs for the dragon-killing machine I got pretty nervous but I was fairly certain they weren’t going to let it just work perfectly and kill Drogon with it on the first try. I’m still angry he got injured but, you know. He’s not exactly nearing death.

OHAI. I’m here to destroy everything.

I was also very conflicted when Jaime charged at Drogon and Dany because you know, yeah, he’s a Lannister, but it’s been well written to make him still be pretty sympathetic in a lot of ways. He helps Tyrion escape, he loved his children, he honored his pledge to Catelyn Stark, he protected and helped Brienne, he doesn’t want to let that Tully jerk flog the soldiers, he’s unimpressed with Cersei’s brutality, and he kills Lady Tyrell mercifully, even after she confesses that she killed Joffrey. So while he’s on the wrong side, I don’t really want to see him killed. But of course I am not OK with him besting Dany so, we will have to see how this plays out next week. Bronn saving him was a good call, though it doesn’t seem like things are going to go super well for him coming up next.

I can’t tell much from the scenes for next week but it will be very interesting to see what happens to Jaime and what Cersei’s response is. Wow, she is just the absolute worst.

Hi everyone, I’m still the worst person you’ve ever seen.

Edited to add I hate Theon’s stupid face but Emily made some good points about this scene where he is reunited with Jon in this thread on Twitter, read the whole thing – click on image for link to Twitter: