Honestly I don’t know why the monsters in the north want to come South because I assume they will just melt because they are snowmen.  And if anyone is going to fight snowmen it should be dragons that breathe hot fiya.

So I am betting on Dani and her needlessly drawn out bumbling in the hinterlands.  Apparently, she was just waiting long enough for the dragons to get big and get an army of a bazillion.  And her boats won’t even get blown up by the green bombs because the evil incest queen already used it all up to kill Smirkface McSneaky and everyone else in her town.

Oh, and the little kid is still in it.  You know, Bran McMuffin?  I assume he will be in it at some point.  Honestly  I don’t know.  At this point it’s like if America had another civil war but instead of two sides, groups of states got together so New England would be one team and then Middle Atlantic and then the Rust Belt, etc.

Actually that would be a pretty cool show.  Anyway, watch the trailer and tell me who you are rooting for!