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Get off the Stage, Old Man!

Get off the Stage, Old Man!


If Old Man Sanders won the nomination I would support him.  Except that he’s not going to win it and he needs to get off the stage.  According to Politico, he is telling the Democrats who want him to help keep his more Trumpish supporters to cool it to “Stick it.”  And why shouldn’t he?  Let’s think about this for a minute:

  1. He is old and is going to be a Senator until he doesn’t want to be one anymore.
  2. He is not a Democrat and thus doesn’t care what happens to their party apparatus once he is done using it.
  3. He tricked a bunch of young white people that the way to CHANGE things is to elect an old white guy.

Those young white people have decided that even though Feeling the Bern was not enough to get the dusty firebrand a majority of the pledged delegates, they are going to move the goalposts and say that the very existence of the super-delegates is making the pledged delegate contests irrelevant.

Or they say that there is cheating.

Just like Trump did.

But that’s not all!  Bernie’s army has indicated that they won’t vote for Hillary when she is the nominee.  They might stay home.  Some might vote for Trump.  And that is the final reason Bernie doesn’t care.  He can’t ask them to do one thing or another.  He keeps telling the Democrats that “THEY” need to convince his supporters to stick with the Democrats.  Why can’t Bernie do it?  See #2 above.

Bernie has said more than once that he doesn’t want to be the Ralph Nader of 2016.  Too late, old man.  You are the dog who caught the car and you and your army of vapers have ZERO idea what to do with it now that you have it.  You have decided that California needs to make sure their voice is heard!  That just means you want another two weeks or so to figure out what you actually want to write on your ransom note to the Democrats.  So let’s recap:

  1. White guy who is not a real member of a party runs for nomination.
  2. White guy gets very loud and vocal support from people who don’t usually participate in primaries.
  3. White guy claims things are unfair even though the rules were the rules before they ever decided to run.
  4. White guy threatens trouble at the convention because his supporters are “angry” and feel like they are “not being represented”.

The only difference between Bernie and Trump is that Trump won.  Get off the stage, old man.  You lost.  And if you can’t figure out how to get your angry army to get in line then it isn’t an army.  It’s a mob.  Stupid.



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  1. Sangfroid

    It almost seems like the only way Hillary Clinton is going to get elected is if the Republicans put up Trump. I mean the Sanders campain has been laughably awful. You’re not getting to the black folk? Put Cornell West in charge! This is what Hillary needs the full force of the DNC to combat? I mean come on the Democrats deserve to lose for putting up such a poor canidate. First it was the rather nice Mike Michaud getting railroaded by Democratic political incompetance in Maine now it’s going to be worse than LePage in the White House because Washington thinks this is House of Cards or something. (Does that mean Bill sleeps with Hillary’s boyfriends?)

    • Cider

      I don’t know what any of this means but I’ve liked Bernie for years before he ran so I disagree with basically all of this and also I need Sangfroid to explain his entire comment.

    • Cider



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