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Get Ready for Halloween Activity Cards!


Every Halloween I do some kind of gimmick.  This year it’s “Vintage (omg kill me now)” Halloween activity cards.  We here at the Gallery have been working hard to come up with a great list of things you can spend your time on as we get closer and closer to Halloween.  I am not going to give any of them away, but I can tell you that some of them are actual things the staff have done.  And gone to jail for.

Of course we will be having the contest(s) again this year, but it won’t be so complicated.  And while we will still be doing our regular stuff, you can count on a lot of extras, too.  This is our fave time of year after all.  So here we go!  This might get you in the mood.


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  1. Eva Halloween

    Werewolf Bar Mitzvah is the best thing ever. You should just post that every day.


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