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Gianna Michaels Tongue

Gianna Michaels Tongue


I just think that she is awesome.  Granted most of the tongue pics we have of her are from her special kissing movie acting roles, but Gianna Michaels was in Piranha 3D which makes her a legit crossover actress which means pictures of her tongue are Hollywood memorabilia.

I bet you feel pretty special now, don’t you.  And if you find any pic of Gianna Michaels’ tongue let us know.  But none with anything….else in them.  This is a family site!

Updated with new Gianna Michaels tongue pics 06/28/16

Updated with new EXCLUSIVE Gianna Michaels tongue pics 4/24/16

Updated with new Gianna Michaels tongue pics 4/9/16

13 Gianna Michaels tongue pics added 03/26/17

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