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Gifs of the Week – Marching Band Expert Level


My high school was an all-boys Jesuit school (and no I didn’t get fondled).  My college was Jesuit, too and the only sports team we had that was good was the basketball team and I don’t think they have marching band for those.  So my only experience with the whole thing is from TV and movies.  So unless someone is leading the band down an alley or putting poop in a tuba I have no idea what they do.  Oh, and band camp.  So everyone in band is a dumb pervert.  Or arrre they?  You might change your tune when you see what this band puts together.

And now that I think about it – marching band is the only thing that rewards the people in the stadium with crappy seats.  If you are down on field level the fancy choreography probably looks like someone threw a bunch of snakes in the middle of the whole thing.  Marching band!  The people’s entertainment!  And don’t miss the end!

band1  band8

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  1. Ami B.

    Just to be clear, that is The Best Damn Band in the Land. Oh, and not all band geeks are dumb perverts. Some of them are very smart perverts.

  2. Dan Brill

    I bet Ami B was a smart perv.

    • elssar

      Was? You mean is. Or is she not pervy now?

      • elssar

        Or smart?

    • Ami B.

      Was a smart perv?

      • Ami B.

        Oh wait, elssar, beat me to it. Obviously, the smart part is gone.

  3. elssar

    Holy wow! Someone should simulate the game of life with these marching bands. Also,
    “(and no I didn’t get fondled)” – but you wanted to, didn’t ya?

  4. PelvicBoogie

    Nice to know they finally added a skin flute section. I’ve got brass balls, and I’m willing to loan them my instrument. It has a self emptying spit valve.

  5. Eva Halloween

    Wow, that’s pretty impressive. Now I feel bad about that poop-in-the-tuba thing.

  6. stacyfrazer

    He doth protest too much! Just show us on the doll where he touched you.


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