This is an ACTUAL photo from 1993. Dig those jean shorts. Photo courtesy of Mary Jacobs and Jim Jacobs who look goooooooood.

I thought the girl in this song’s name was “Jealousy”.  Actually, I guess I still think that.  I used to post the lyrics with the songs but now I find it more fun to realize how few of the lyrics I actually know.  Seriously this song is from 1993.  That’s 19 years old.  Even if you only heard it once a month starting in 1994 that is still 216 times!  How do I not know the words?

Sure, I know some of them.  “Let the cops chase us around”.  There’s one.  And “If I could just crash here tonight.”  See, the guy is asking his girlfriend (Jealousy) if he can sleep over because he is drunk and the next day is the big bank robbery.  You don’t believe me?  Well, you tell ME what it’s about then, professor.  But don’t try figuring it out by listening to the song.  Will not help.  At all.  May as well listen to me blowing into this big jug with three crudely drawn X’s on it.