One of the newly build Gnome Homes in Overland Park, Kansas

I believe in fairies. When the woman with the flashlight appears in Peter Pan, I clap like a lunatic. There is no way that Tinker Bell is going down on my watch! I approach the new trend in Gnome Homes with the same suspension of disbelief. One part of me knows that there are fairy house clubs sprouting up everywhere with elaborate rules of construction that rival actual building codes. The rest of me wants to know what economic disaster has driven gnomes out of the Deep Dark Wood. Maybe Big Bad Wolf Industries has started outsourcing to the pixies in India.

Inside Gnome Homes can be elaborate

All over the United States, the little people are finding knotty trees in urban parks to make their homes. You will discover a mysterious miniature door with a welcome mat and even a mailbox when a gnome moves in. Inside you may find trinkets and even a cup of tea, but having a morbid fear of municipal tax collectors (often wolves in suits), they hide when humans appear. The latest influx has been in Overland Park, Kansas,where the City has welcomed them with open arms. They’ve printed maps and created a Facebook page for the curious. The riverfront in Blairsville, Pennsylvania  has another sizable population of industrious little people.

“A lot of crime that does happen to our neighborhood doesn’t happen where the gnomes are posted up,”  Oakland Resident Guillermo Hayes.

“We don’t know when they arrived or who’s living in these little tree homes, but we welcome them to Overland Park,” city spokesman Sean Reilly told local station KMBZ in Kansas. Not all cities welcome a Tiny Town. Jason King, a spokesman for PG&E, says the gnome population in Lake Merritt of Oakland threatens the integrity of their utility poles and has blocked the access of repair crews. Residents of the area have, however. stated that the gnomes reduce crime in the area and are protesting the removal of the small wood signs which indicate that part of the hood belongs to the Gnomes. Nearby, rumors that the Harborside Health Center has started dispensing Gnome Grown are unconfirmed, but several patients have heard hip hop versions of Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go after smoking their prescription. Cobbling or growing potent weed, it’s turning into a Small, Small World After All.

Immigration Services has difficulties determining just where to deport the weed obsessed little people