Awards shows on Sunday make me lol because gossip rag bloggers have to work on the weekend and all I have to do is get up early and steal their pics.  Do I feel bad?  No.  I feel like Buzzfeed and The Chive.  Plus I don’t get how they make gifs out of shows as they are airing.  If I could do that I would do it every night.  I assume it is because people from Anonymous work for them.

Anyway, here is a quick gallery of Prince, people freaking out about Prince, and the only three dresses I thought were nice.  Or, more realistically, I liked Kate Hudson’s dress.  I just have a crush on Kate Beckinsale and Naomi Watts.  And Prince.

Update!  At the last minute I found out I could include the monologue from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in the album.  Whooo!  Now you don’t need to feel bad that you missed it at all!  Click the pics to see video, etc.  Very high tech.

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