So, I saw this posted online yesterday, and it was pretty funny.


But guys, I’m sorry, as usual, need to learn from women. We beat you at everything, even catfishing. Watch and learn from Cindy Kimberly, a model who did a bunch of ladies a solid this summer. (Yeah, it was in July, this is a #TBT post then. See what I did there? You’re welcome.)

sugardaddy tweet 1

sugardaddy tweet 2

sugardaddy tweet 3

sugardaddy tweet 4

Sadly, it appears she removed all the original tweets now, but luckily, screenshots exist.

  1. These women didn’t just find random nude photos online; and –
  2. They didn’t ask for noodz which is part of what makes me suspicious of the first example with the guys
  3. They picked a hotter person to catfish with
  4. She took better photos

Before someone cries about how catfishing is wrong, if you are a person with so little concern about your money that you want to send strangers on the internet cash and declare you are their “sugar daddy” without ever seeing them in person, I guess you can afford to be an idiot, and I don’t feel sorry for you.