So, I woke up to an invite from Google for their Google Music Beta this morning.

Some of you are probably asking what the hell Google Music is and why you should care. To that I say:

It’s a cloud-based (ooooh, buzz words) music service, a bit like Apple’s upcoming iCloud.

You upload your music library to it and then can take it everywhere with you, by connecting to the cloud. [Note: Whenever I say cloud imagine a rainbow and hallelujah playing.]

It took about two weeks or so for my request for the beta invite, which I’d honestly forgotten about, so it was a pleasant treat to wake up to. So, if you want to try to get in on it go here.

I’ve got just over 17,000 songs to upload (the limit is 20,000) so it’s gonna be a while. My upload speed isn’t the fastest, only 1.5 up; I’m at about 1700 or so songs up as of 4:17 pm. Editor’s note – i forgot to publish this and I don’t know what day it was from.  Hopefully Kyle will update us.  And yes, I’m a jackoff.

So far the little I’ve used it it’s seemed alright. The sound quality (which is a huge issue for me) is excellent, the playlist editor is easy to use and their auto-playlist generator is nice. It’s similar to the Genius Playlist in iTunes, while not being half as annoying. You click a song and tell it to make a 25 song playlist based off that one song. So far the mixes it’s made for me have been pretty good.

I’ll write a longer post with more impressions once I’ve had a bit to play with it.