Google has been saving information on you ever since you first typed a question under the big Google Doodle.  A new tool called My Activity makes it easier than ever to delete the searches you’d rather forget. Like that time you typed in: “Do ginger people have ginger pubes?” for the … Auto-Complete game (Hey we’re a family site we have your back)

The search giant makes the vast majority of its money from distributing targeted ads, which is made easier by the trove of data  – Chicago Tribune

So say you did a search for: “Why does my husband fart so much?” and absolutely horrifying ads meant to be helpful are suddenly popping up. Just go and find that search on the list. Open the little menu by clicking the three dots on the right end. Select the delete option and that’s it. It’s so easy you might as well delete: “Why does my husband wear panties?” while you’re there.

If you’re super paranoid just shut Google’s peeping Tom down entirely. Go to and tell them to stop saving information on you.

One word of warning; I have it on good authority that if you type Google into Google you can break the internet.