I know lots of you think that Google plus is a “ghost town” and that all the real action is over on Facebook.  Well maybe there IS a bunch of cool stuff over on Facebook but for actual conversation you can’t beat Google Plus.  Why?  Well for one thing you don’t have to know the people you hoop.  You can just latch on to someone and talk on their posts.

And other people can do the same for you.  If someone creeps you then you can block them and whatever but for the most part it is just a bunch of people talking crap and posting stupid pictures.  The difference is that you don’t have to have someone you knew in 6th grade shoving pics of their stupid kids in your face.

Oh, and you can also split up who you post stuff too.  That way you don’t have to post stuff that will get you fired to your coworkers or boring work crap to your friends.

Oh, and now apparently you can embed posts from Google Plus in other places.  I am about to test it.  LET’S SEE!