This week on the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast we got down to the heart of the matter. No one wants a boring President. Could you imagine the classic film Air Force One with Martin Van Buren as President and not Harrison Ford? Of course not. The Republican Presidential Candidates have been cracking jokes all over the campaign trail. But, that raises one important question: Are they actually funny?

We brought in stand up comedian Gerrit Elzinga to take a look at this all important issue. The clip below is from Episode 7 of the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast. We release the Podcast every Monday morning. In this clip, Gerrit listens to several clips of Republican Presidential hopefuls attempting their comic stylings, and then, he offers up a critique of the Candidates when it comes to the all important swing issue of comedy.

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You can find the full episode at the bottom of this post. Topics of discussion this week:

– Bill Clinton goes at it in an exchange with a Black Lives Matter Protestor
– A Republican Politician admits Photo ID for Voting isn’t exactly about stopping fraud, it’s more about getting Republicans elected
– We briefly touch on the North Carolina anti-LGBT bathroom bill, but, are mostly just confounded by the stupidity of bringing such a bill
– Bernie Sanders wants to break up the banks…so, shouldn’t he know how to do that?
– Donald Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants. The Boston Globe knows that, so, does their satirical editorial page miss the mark?

And, finally, our main topic of discussion this week was Ted Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin and whether this brings us one step closer to the GOP stealing the Republican nomination from Trump at a contested convention. That’s the good stuff. The fun drama. Let it happen, please.

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We appreciate Gerrit taking the time to do this with us this week. Thursday we’ll have a longer interview with Gerrit, touching on politics, and his career as a stand up comic.

Gerrit Elzinga performs this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at Tripper’s Sports Bar in Lansing, Michigan. You should follow him on Twitter, right here! And, also, his first stand-up comedy album, Perspective, is available on Band Camp. His podcast, the Kerrit Pod, is available on itunes.