So NYC and NJ got bombed over the weekend.  Don’t worry, I rarely go outside so I was fine.  But I did see that they caught the suspect.  That’s good but I now it is all over the news and omg they made so many bombs and did you see the robot and Trump and Clinton and blargh.

There is literally nothing we can do about idiots that we aren’t already doing.  These boobs who kill in the name of Islam are no different than the dude who shot up Sandy Hook or the guy who caught in Union Square last year jumping out of the bushes and hitting women with a hammer.  Sure, they might have Twitter but the kids who did Columbine were pals so it is not like crazy is ALWAYS lonely.

And unless we are just gonna strap on and have a real Crusade, I am not really sure what we expect anyone to do.  The cops do their cop stuff.  We report things if they look fishy.  Other than maybe having the cops send robots after black guys that scare them to reduce shootings, I think we have it covered.  The cops do their job.  And no cop can PREVENT crimes.  Well, I guess they can if they are walking around giving people the stink eye, but that does not seem practical.

So I am thinking that Deus doesn’t Vult and we really need to just not freak out about terrorists.  I mean, sure, if we find one of those camps where all the terrorists are on monkey bars then yes by all means blow it up.  But other than that I think we should just be chill.  Domestically there will always be people who decide that they want to kill a bunch of people.  And that doesn’t mean people should not debate legislation and discuss policy, we totally should, but we should also not think this is something we can solve.  Someone who works with me who I care about a lot was in Chelsea on Saturday.  She was not in any danger but in any of these situations you can always move the dials so that things would have been different and for her that would not have taken a lot of adjustment.

But I don’t want her to get hit by a car or anything else, either.  I don’t want those things to happen to anyone.  But they do.  And for some reason because terrorists are people who we treat as not crazy we somehow think we can do something about them.  I don’t think we can.  And I don’t think we should be any more scared of them than we are of cars or heart attacks or some random fool with a hammer.  Here is something I looked up about NYC for this article.

  • There is a birth in New York City every 4.4 minutes.
  • There is a death in New York City every 9.1 minutes.

So you can look at this as a nice feel good thing about how new life is making New York bigger and better and the terrorists can win, etc.  Or you can look at it as NYC making a bunch of babies that will be trained to be anti-terrorist ninjas.  I guess it depends on how you want to feel about America.  I feel like throwing some ninja babies at some fools and not being afraid.