This is not a story about Sarah Palin. However, her ears are goddamn huge and I'm not gonna rest until I get some traction on this big ear movement.

I got this email the other day and while I know it is like, partisan stuff (on the Republican Whip’s Channel) but I can’t decide whether or not it’s an outrage or a big fat taste of parliamentary awesomeness.  The dude acting as speaker is John Murtha from PA who got the Federal Government to buy his district a whole airport!  So the dude is a dickhole unless you live in his district.  If you live in his district and get free airports then he’s awesome.

But the people he fucked over on this vote don’t think he’s awesome at all.  Oh no.  He’s a grade A dickhole.  UNLESS.  Well, you watch the video and figure out if there could be an unless.  If the dude can cheat THAT badly.  I mean, just flat out cheat, then why do we have to listen to people arguing over what passes in the House?  I’m thinking there is more to this than meets the eye.  Like that the vote was a foregone conclusion or some shit and each person had to play their part.  I don’t know.  It just seems odd.  I mean, it really looks like flat out cheating.  But could it be that the people stirring up noise with the video are banking on us dumb citizens being dumb and not investigating?  Well, in response to that I will say: watch the video after the jump and holy crap look at all those potatoes on TV!  I have to go!