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The Great Evadia Halloween Contest – Reader's Choice!

16 Skull Face

I think this one is pretty bad ass.

Hey folks.  This was a great year for the contest and we had a TON of entries.  From NY to California (and some rectangle states in between) we had people participating to various degrees.  And what I mean by various degrees is that there are tons of people who just can’t figure out the whole sign thing.  But whatevs.  We got people and now YOU get to choose your favorite.  Post the number of the person you want to win in the comments.  Don’t cheat.  We can figure out if you do.  And you will also be able to vote for people’s choice at The Year of Halloween  as each site will have its own winner!

To see the prizes go here and congrats!

The Winners

  • Best Costume: Gina P, Zombie (#15)
  • Best Group Costume: Liam P,  Wreck it Ralph and Fix it Felix (#18)
  • Best Makeup: Beth R, Calavara Catrina (#22)
  • Second Place Best Costume: Ani, Ood and Dr. Who Crab Monster (#24)
  • Second Place Group Costume: Jess L and Matthew H. (#13)
  • Second Place Best Makeup: Timothy B, Captain Spaulding (#21)
  • Best Appeal to a Corrupt Judge: Sophia, Luchadors (#32)

2013 Costume Contest Winners 640

Readers’ Choice Contestants

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM. WRITE THEIR NUMBER IN THE COMMENTS.  Only vote for one person, but feel free to yak about the rest of them.  Yakkers!

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  1. Corey Shaughnessy

    Definitely #35. That thing looks hand-made and ridiculously well-crafted.

  2. hoodchick

    Wow, there’s some great costumes this year! I’m going to have to vote for #28, very unique and I❤Bob!

    • Eva Halloween

      I didn’t recognize that one. Who was it supposed to be??

  3. Choo

    hmmmmm….. I really like #28 as well! Very original. I love when people really dig deep in their creativity, makes it a lot of fun!

  4. nikkithefoon

    #14, and #17 for sure (Honorable mention to #74!)

  5. loolpooq

    64 59 74

  6. Amander

    64 and 6…I can’t decide!!!


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