I’ll use the same title for another post if I want, what are you going to do about it? Nothing!

First of all, rompers for men happened. Now if your immediate reaction is like “what? no” then just hear me out. I used to be anti-rompers for everyone because “rompers are for children”…. but then I saw a really cute one in a store and bought it and I love it. And then I bought another one. And so now I say, let people do whatever they want, you monsters. Nobody is making you wear something, but other people can certainly wear what they want without your criticism. There is also a strong aspect of non-heteronormative shaming to people criticizing men in rompers so maybe think about whether you want to sound like a raging homophobe before you open your mouth.

I always enjoy bringing you adorable doggos, so here is an excellent tweet:

Twitter had some fun with Trump claiming that no politician in history has been treated worse than he has.

This happened, but 45 already deleted his stupid tweet.

This made me laugh:

A man wrote an article where he proceeded to imply that he discovered making sandwiches.

I discovered this account this week:

This woman made a grave error when she called Gal Gadot dainty. Please read the full thread for full enjoyment of her being dragged.

This story was published and people decided to um, defend slavery?

Some idiot said that if millenials want to buy houses they should stop buying avocado toast. Oh, Twitter had a massive field day with that.

Oh and also if you’re on twitter you should really follow that last account, @sickofwolves because it’s 100% amazing at all times.

You’re welcome!